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Crunch42 is a sole proprietorship run by Julian Hockings, age 42-ish. I am based in San Francisco, the web capital of the world. I provide custom web design and development services to clients in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

I have tremendous patience and a fondness for educating, and coupled with my approximately 12 years of making hundreds of successful websites, you'll be getting a top-notch experience. Read glowing testimonials.

In addition to freelancing, I also have created and run a successful online business (Valued Websites), and so my knowledge spans the technical and business worlds. The wisdom I've acquired from that venture will be applied to your projects. In other words, I have experience backing up my opinions about what works online.

Thank you for your time and interest!


Julian Hockings
Crunch42 Web Design and Development

"The design of the site has consistently received praise from philatelists and friends, and rightly so. I wanted to mention too that our Google ranking...has shot up recently and is now at #4 for 'British Commonwealth Stamps' and #1 for 'British Philatelists' and 'British Commonwealth Philatelists.' That's great news for us, and I look forward to the possibility that the #4 ranking will go even higher in the next few weeks or months."

Kathryn W., Manager
Aron R. Halberstam Philatelists, Ltd., Oregon
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