How to choose keywords for SEO.

Start by looking at the Google Keyword Tool. Type a keyphrase in the box, check off the box labeled “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms”, and search. Then in the left sidebar uncheck Broad and check [Exact], then click Search again.

This tool will give you an approximation of how many times that keyword is searched for in a month.  It will also show you related search phrases.  Between these two you can decide which keywords to target in your site.  Go for the top ten or so.

In general, try not to get “greedy”. For example, if your website sells vintage Schwinn bicycles, your keyphrases should be like “Schwinn bikes”, “vintage Schwinn” and not just the generic “bikes”.  This is because chances are that someone searching for “bikes” will not be much interested in buying a vintage Schwinn bike.

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