How to add a product in x-cart.

Adding a product to your x-cart catalog is a snap:

  1. Log into your x-cart admin (usually at using the username and password your web designer provided you (or that you created yourself).
  2. In the Products area click on Add new product.
  3. Fill in all the relevant and required fields and click the Save button at the bottom of the page


  • The SKU is a unique number for each item in your store. If you don’t already have SKU numbers for your products, you can leave this field blank and x-cart will put in unique numbers in sequence for you.
  • Be sure to fill in either the weight or the shipping freight fields for items to be shipped (as opposed to items that will be downloaded and therefore have no shipping requirement). Shipping freight is used to specify a shipping cost that will not change, whereas weight is used if you have an account with USPS, UPS, DHL, or Airborne, and you want those shippers to calculate shipping charges based on item weight.


I highly recommend the $55 Telafirma image upload mod. This mod allows you to upload one large image and then the programming will take care of generating all your thumbnails and detailed images. Sure beats manually doing this yourself in your graphics program! A must have if you plan to have a lot of products. The installation of this mod requires knowledge of FTP, CHMOD, and copy and paste.

Once this mod is installed, you can add pictures to your products by recalling step no. 3 above — in this step, click on the Change Image button near the top of the Product Details form. Then just use the popup window to navigate to your image on your hard drive, apply it, and that’s that.

If you don’t have the image mod, you’ll have to first add the thumbnail, then in addition there’s a link within the middle navigation called Detailed Images. Click that link and the rest should be obvious.

Edit Existing Products

These directions also apply in cases where you want to edit old products. The only difference is that instead of clicking the Add new product link as in step 2 above, you instead click the Modify product link. Then, you’ll see a search box. Either enter a search term that you know should bring up your product or click the Search button while leaving the form empty to see all your products.

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