WordPress Plugin to Allow Admins to Leave Messages for Each Other

Do you have a WordPress installation with shared administration between a whole bunch of different people? Do you want a simple way to allow those people to leave messages for each other right in the dashboard?

Note: you’ll need to know how to install WordPress plugins and use a database inspector like phpMyAdmin in order to make use of this method.

I wrote a little WordPress plugin that works in conjunction with Matt Read’s x-Dashboard plugin. His plugin lets you re-arrange and control the items that appear on the dashboard, which is great for getting rid of the default cruft.

  1. First install and activate Matt’s x-Dashboard plugin.
  2. Create a Category called “Internal”.
  3. Then download this file (right-click and select Save As), save it as “internal.php”
  4. Fire up phpMyAdmin or whatever MySQL database viewer you use and look into your WordPress database at the wp_categories table and make note of the cat_ID number of the row called “Internal”.
  5. Fire up a text editor and load my internal.php file into it.
  6. In line 8, change the number 6 to whatever number the cat_ID number was that you just found out a couple steps ago. Be sure not to delete the apostrophes on either side of the number.
  7. Save internal.php, upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/x-dash-plugins folder, then activate it in the X-Dashboard Options (which is a button to the right of the x-Dashboard button, not in the regular Options area).

Now, any post that are designated as being of the category “Internal”will automatically show up on the dashboard. A caveat: you should be sure the Internal category posts don’t show up in the public site. There are plugins for this. This is tested to work in version 2. Don’t know about the earlier ones.

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