Julian Hockings provides what is known as "full stack" developer and senior webmaster services. That means he can create or oversee the creation of pretty much anything web-related you can think of.

Complete website builds, custom plugins, converting graphic designs into themes, fixing hacked sites, speed and search optimization, and security hardening.

Join third-party APIs together, or create a custom API so your web service can talk to other websites.

Adding new features, fixing broken websites, connecting to databases. PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, MySQL, CSS.

Sell to the world, no matter how many products and options. Accept online payments.

All sizes including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated, on up to multiple load-balanced cloud servers.

Data entry, content writing, email hosting, basic SEO, ongoing SEO, visual/ux/graphic design, marketing, and coding in other languages can be provided through contractors or partners with Julian acting as project manager


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Julian Hockings

Julian Hockings

In addition to freelancing as a web developer since 2000, Julian Hockings is also the owner and lead programmer of Valued Websites ^ which provides web-based order tracking systems for real estate professionals. And he is the internet systems and programming expert for Charleston-based Strategic Marketing International ^.

Hundreds of businesses and individuals have used Julian's web services since 2000. His ability to translate complex technical concepts into plain English ensures the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Julian believes that websites should be findable, fast and easy to use, with visuals that don't negatively impact usability.


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Hourly rate is $95 billed by the minute. Project estimate will be given before work begins. Julian types 80 WPM and uses pre-written code when possible in order to keep your billed time down.

Work that can be outsourced or performed by assistants is billed at a lower rate, depending on the activity. This includes data entry, content writing, email hosting, and basic SEO.

Partners can be recommended for related services including graphic design, marketing, and ongoing SEO. While Julian does not personally perform these activities, he has working knowledge and manages their production.


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"As always, your service is prompt, accurate and stress free."

Carol B., Office Manager
Dr. Bonilla Weight Management, Tampa, FL

"We REALLY appreciate how responsive and on budget you are. Thanks for all of the great, timely, work!"

Matt W., Principal
Strategic Marketing International, South Carolina

"You've made what could have been impossible into a custom-made fun project."

Jim P., Editor
Bay Area Reporter, California

"I can never thank you enough for saving my website from the brink of disaster."

Pam W., Owner
PJR Enterprises, Arizona

“Thank you for making this as painless as possible. I am very happy with the way it looks.”

Jan D., Owner
Wyse Workshops, Connecticut

"Julian at Crunch42 was a tremendous asset in the setup of my company website. He worked in a very professional and courteous manner, and always kept me informed of his progress. Furthermore, he constantly kept me involved in the development of the website, welcoming and considering any feedback I had to give. The end result was a website that contained the functionality that I required as well as the aesthetic that I wanted. I am very happy with the website that Julian developed for my business, and I would recommend Crunch42 to anyone looking for a high quality website at a reasonable cost."

Rudy B., Director
Cash Land Solutions, Miami, FL

“After Crunch42 redesigned our webstore, we have seen a steady stream of sales which we expect will continue and increase. We finally have a site that is user friendly to both our customers and the administrator. Julian is well organized, patient, and met every promised deadline. I would highly recommend Crunch42 to anyone looking for increased revenue and a more prominent presence on the web.”

KC M., Owner
Mad About Radios, Tampa, FL

"Thanks so much for all your work over the years - your skill, your patience, your tolerance."

Sheila S., Partner
Systemic Family Solutions, North Carolina

"Thank you so much for being so responsive – we're really happy with the site!"

Lisa E., Program Manager
Jewish Welcome Network, San Francisco, CA

"I have been in the computer business since 1980, I owned an ISP for years and have worked with programmers across the country on small and large projects, and never has a transition gone this smoothly. It has been a great experience. You are truly a website owner's dream come true."

Pam W., Owner
Handmade Catalog, Lake Havasu City, AZ

"Julian dishes up a type of personalized and prompt service that I have come to associate with independent small business owners. His technological knowledge is superior and is complemented by his communication style that is clear, direct, timely, considerate, and professional. Working with Julian has been just great!"

Connie W., Manager
Great Smokies Medical Center, North Carolina

"I've had lots of compliments on the website. Thanks for all your good work on it, and for your seamless service. It is always a pleasure to work with you."

Nick N., Author, California

"So far you have absolutely exceeded my expectations and responded perfectly to every suggestion I've made. Thank you so much! Well done!!!!!!!"

Kathryn W., Manager
Aron R. Halberstam Philatelists, Ltd., Oregon

"It's one thing to be able to manipulate the code, another to have the experience to know how non-tech users interface with it. These seem to be areas you handle very well and we were very satisfied for the work you did on the H.S.I. job in those areas especially."

J. Peterson, Director
Human Systems Institute, Oregon

"Thanks so much Julian for your patience and for your professional way of taking care of all of our requests. You are a real jewel!"

Meg M., Instructor
InterPlay North Carolina, Asheville, NC

"We engaged Julian Hockings of Crunch42. He performed and delivered with clarity, precision and an unparalleled creativity, and he has been a delight to work with, to boot."

Brad S., Exec. Vice President
Corporate Rain, Inc., North Carolina

"You're not only very good at what you do, you are very patient. Thanks!"

Joseph M., Partner
Systemic Family Solutions, North Carolina

"I enjoy your flexibility and delivering the things the way I need and desire."

Joanne G., Marketing Director
Marketing G2, Colorado

"I appreciate the good work you are doing for us and your quick and generous responses...You've really helped make the conference site a functional and user-friendly site."

Jane P., Director
Human Systems Institute, Oregon

"Julian Hockings of Crunch42 is utterly honest, competent, dependable, and focused."

Tim A., President
Corporate Rain, Inc., New York

"Ever since Crunch42 re-designed our existing business website we have enjoyed a 25% increase in sales."

Ron W., Owner
Weekes Autographs, LLC, New York


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